Thunnus alalunga

The Albacore (Thunnus alalunga) can grow to 127cm.


Typical tunny shape, pectoral fins very long and when depressed reach beyond the second dorsal fin. Poorly defined swim bladder, not evident in fish under 50cm.


Faint lateral iridescent band runs along sides of the live fish - diminishes on death. The first dorsal fin is deep yellow second dorsal and anal fins bright yellow, and the anal finlets are dark. This is the only Tuna species with a white margin on the edge of the tail.


Egg dispersal of between 2/3 million per season.


Favours offshore waters with a surface temperature of 15 to 190C. They prefer clean silt free waters.


Anchovy, Squid, small fishes


From 450N to 300S - tropical and temperate ocean waters

Additional Notes:
Mainly found offshore in waters 17/210C


The Aquarium Project

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