The Alpine Salamander (Salamandra atra) is a shiny black salamander. It is found in the Central, Eastern and Dinaric Alps, at altitudes above 700 meters. The Western Alps are inhabited by a similar species Salamandra lanzai in only one small area.

There are no differences in length between sexes (9 to 14 cm) and sex ratio is 1:1. Their life expectancy is at least ten years. Unlike other salamanders whose larvae are developed in water, the Alpine salamander is a fully terrestrial species. Capture-recapture methods suggest that species is very stationary, a 12 meters was the maximal observed distance travelled by one individual during the summer season. 120 individuals per hectare were counted in most suitable areas with >2000 individuals/ha also observed. This suggests that this rather cryptic species is quite abundant.

In the UKEdit

They are vary popular pets and some have some have escaped in the UK. There are estimated to be around 10 breeding populations.

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