The Atlantic Sailfish (Istiophorus albicans) can grow to 3.15m.


Colour: body back dark blue and along the flanks light blue with brown and the underside is white. Also along the sides are about 20 longitudinal stripes. The first dorsal fin is very large and high and usually higher than body depth and mid body of the fish


Egg dispersal and a female may disperse up to 4.8 million eggs (in 3 batches) over the breeding season.


An oceanic species with a water temperature requirement of 21/28ºC and found above the thermocline, although it does have a tendency to migrate into near shore waters and is usually found in the upper layers of the water column.


Tunas and squids


In the Eastern Atlantic from the northern coast of France down to the cape of Good Hope and in the Mediterranean.


The Aquarium Project

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