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black arches

The Black Arches (Lymantira monacha) is a Tussock moth (family Lymantriidae). It occurs locally in southern England, mainly in July.


The moth has white forewings with black connected wavy arches which gives the moth its name. The light brown hindwings have white fringes having black spots. Female is larger and has elongated wings. The moth also has a characteristic biscuit-coloured abdomen with a black band. The moth has a wingspan of 4 to 5 cm.
Black Arches TL

When the Black Arches is active


Europe, British Isles. Palearctic regions of Asia. Japan.

Life cycleEdit

The caterpillar of the Black Arches is grey and hirsute. It has black lines and spots on its back.[1]


Oak (Quercus) and other broad-leaved trees, and Pinus.

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