The Blue Marlin (Makaira nigricans) can grow to 3.75m.

1. Brought to boat


Colour: Body blue/black on the back and silvery white on the belly with about 15 rows of cobalt blue stripes. The first dorsal fin membrane is black or dark blue and there are no spots. The front of the first dorsal fin is high and prominent, the centre and rear much lower. The second dorsal fin is clearly separated from the first.


Little is known although egg dispersal.


Has a water temperature requirement of between 22/31ºC and prefers clean clear waters.

2. Tagged 900 Blue


Tuna species, other pelagic fish, squid.


In the Eastern Atlantic believed from the Iberian Peninsula down to the Cape of Good Hope

Additional NotesEdit

Known to grow above 1000lbs in weight. Another extremely rare vagrant to UK waters.
Ninehundred release

3. Released

The pictures are of a 900 lb Atlantic Blue Marlin (brought in by my wife) being tagged and released off Madeira. The fish recovered and swam strongly away seconds after the third photo. It is difficult to do justice to such a large and handsome fish with boatside photos, but fortunately the practice of bringing marlin ashore for "trophy" shots has virtually ceased.


The Aquarium Project

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