The Broad-Nose Pipefish (Syngnathus typhle) can grow to 30cm.


Takes place from May to August, the male carries the eggs and young in a brood pouch until they are able enough to fend for themselves.


Below the low water mark on sheltered coastline. Lives in eelgrass and swims vertically to camouflage itself.


Small invertebrates, mostly crustaceans.


Found from the Mediterranean to the Baltic in the north. Additional Notes: Similar to the Greater Pipefish but have a broad snout.

The body is long and thin and covered with bony plates. Its colour is dark brown above fading to cream below. The head has a long, thin, laterally compressed snout and terminating in a small upturned mouth. The head from the gills to the nose is almost parallel, unlike the reduced snout of the Greater Pipefish. The eyes are small and situated well back towards the gill covers. The dorsal fin is situated half way along the body, and pelvics are situated below this. The caudal fin is fan-shaped, and small pectorals are situated behind the gills. No anal fin is present.

References Edit

The Aquarium Project

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