Broad Bodied Chaser

Broad Bodies Chaser -

The Broad-bodied Chaser (Libellula depressa), is a European dragonfly. The approximate wing-span of the broad-bodied chaser is 70 millimeters. It occurs in Europe except for the northern parts and in Asia eastwards to south-west Siberia. In Great Britain, it is mainly found in Wales and Southern England, active between the months of May and August.


It is seen near still-water lakes and ponds, feeding on many types of small insects.


The female has a brown abdomen with two yellow stripes. The male has a pale blue abdomen. Because of the male's pale blue abdomen, they can be confused with the Black-tailed Skimmer, or Orthetrum cancellatum. Both the male and female broad-bodied chasers have dark brown, triangular patches at the base of all four wings.
Female Broad bodied chaser

Female Broad-Bodied Chaser -


Their flight is very fast as they dart and dive above the water looking for food and fighting away rival males and any other dragonflies they happen to encounter. They characteristically return to a favoured perch, in the sun. It can be hard to get close views of them but sometimes they allow a closer approach if you find one away from water.
Broad-bordered Chaser TL

When the Broad-bodied Chaser is active

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