The Burbot (Lota lota), is the only fish that spawns during the winter months. It is a member of the Cod Family. It can grow up to three feet long and lives at the bottom of rivers and lakes. Its name comes from the french word for the Monkfish "la Lotte". This fish has Barbels around its mouth.

United KingdomEdit

In Britain, the burbot is possibly an extirpated fish as it is believed that there have been no documented catches of the species since the 1970s. If the burbot does still survive in the UK, the counties of Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire (particularly the River Derwent or River Ouse) seem to be the strongest candidates for areas in which the species might yet continue to survive. There have been plans to re-introduce this freshwater member of the cod family back into British waters but these have yet to come to fruition.

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