The Common Goby (Pomatoschistus Microps) is a sand coloured goby that is difficult to spot. It is distinguised by a pair of Dorsal Fins and a Pelvic Fin. It can grow up to 64mm in its short 15 month lifespan. They are found on all British Coasts.
Common Goby

Common Goby - WWC Archives

It is of a sandy colour but in the breeding season the colouration changes. The male has a dark blotch at the rear of the first dorsal fin. There is a fairly distinct row of black dots along its side


The Common Goby breeds from March to June, laying its eggs under a shell, which the male then guards until they hatch 11–14 days later. They inhabit sandy-bottomed shallow areas, and in summer may enter estuaries; despite this usual habitat, they can often be found among dense vegetation and in brackish lagoons. Their diet is mostly small crustaceans, skeleton shrimp and worms.

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