The Cream-bordered Green Pea (Earias clorana) is a small British moth.

This species is Nationally Scarce B, and found in the South, Eastern Central and Irela
Earias clorana ~ Cream-bordered Green Pea

Cream-bordered Green Pea ~


This species has a length of 10mm, and has a cream border to it's otherwise green wings. It holds it's wings steeply when at rest.

This species flies from May- July, and favours Wetlands, woodlands, and coastal shingle.

Similar species include the Spiny Bollworm, and Egyptian Bollworm, both very rare vagrants to Britain. Another similar species is The Green Oak Tortrix, which holds it's wings flatter.
Cream-bordered Green Pea TL

When the Cream-bordered Green Pea is active


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