Dollodon (meaning 'Louis Dollo's tooth') is a genus of ornithopod dinosaur that lived in the Barremian and possibly the early Aptian ages of the Early Cretaceous Period of Europe. Its remains are known from Belgium (Bernissart), England and possibly Germany. Dollodon was a lightly constructed and semi-bipedal iguanodont, about 6 meters long (20 ft), estimated to weigh about 1 ton and was herbivorous. The genus is known from only one species, D. seelyi.

The holotype specimen of Dollodon, IRSNB 1551 from Sainte-Barbe Clays, Belgium, was originally assigned to Iguanodon mantelli. Iguanodon mantelli along with IRSNB 1551 were long thought to pertain to Iguanodon atherfieldensis. The specimen was assigned to its own genus and species by Gregory S. Paul in 2008. The genus was named after Louis Dollo, who first described the remains, and the species was named in honour of Mr. D. Bamping (Dollodon bampingi). In 2010, Kenneth Carpenter and Yusuke Ishida synonymized Dollodon bampingi with Iguanodon seelyi, a species based on BMNH R 28685 from Wessex Formation, England. Because I. seelyi is an older species name, the type species becomes Dollodon seelyi.

David Norman and Andrew McDonald do not consider Dollodon a valid genus and instead include it with other iguanodonts such as Mantellisaurus.

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