Ochropleura plecta ~ Flame Shoulder

Flame Shoulder -

e Flame Shoulder (Ochropleura plecta) is a species of moth in the Noctuidae family.


A small macro moth, this species is reddish brown with a light border to the costa. The oval and kidney mark are white. This species flies from Spring to Autumn in two generations.

Similar SpeciesEdit

The Radford's Flame Shoulder is very similar, but is duller and less red. Also, Radford's Flame Shoulder is usually seen later in the year than the Flame Shoulder, as it's a vagrant to our shores, and is bought over by Autumn winds.

The Flame is much lighter and holds it's wings differently.


The larvae feed on a range of plants, including plantains. They can be seen from late Summer into Autumn.



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