The Gold Spangle (Autographa bractea) is a species of moth in the Noctuidae family.


A medium sized Noctuid moth, it has a shape typical of that of other members of the Plusiinae subfamily. This species has a brown-gold forewing, with an orange head and a lighter patch near the outer edge of the wing. There is a large, gold mark at the centre of forewing, in a similar position as the Y in a Silver Y, but is a broad 's' shape. This species flies from July till August.

Range & HabitatEdit

This species is widespread in Scotland, Wales, and N England. This species inhabits wastelands and moors, but does sometimes turn up in gardens.


The larvae feed on a range of plants, including Common Nettle, Ground Ivy & Honeysuckle, and can be seen from August to June.


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