The Goldcrest, (Regulus regulus), is a very small passerine bird in the kinglet family, resembling the Firecrest but with a plainer face.


The Goldcrest is the smallest European bird, measuring from 8.5 to 9.5 cm and weighing as little as 5 g which is about the same as a twenty pence coin, one of the smallest british birds.

It is dull greenish above, with buff/white underparts, two white wingbars, and a plain face with a conspicuous black eye. The crown has black sides and a narrow black front, and a bright central crest, orange in the male and yellow in the female, which is displayed during breeding. It is a restless species, constantly on the move as it searches for insects.

Distribution and habitatEdit

The Goldcrest has a wide range in Eurasia, as well as in Macaronesia. It is partly migratory and in northern Europe and Asia birds winter south of the breeding range. It prefers coniferous woodlands, although it has a wider range in winter, when it is often found with tit flocks.
The Goldcrest01:14

The Goldcrest

NATURE The Goldcrest, Regulus regulus by Richard Claxton -


Money spiders can form part of their diet but they will also eat other insects.



It builds an open nest made of spiderwebs and moss and lays 4-12 eggs which are then incubated before hatching.


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