Golden grey mullet

Golden Grey Mullet

The Golden Grey Mullet (Liza aurata) can grow to 50cm.


Very similar to Liza ramada, exept that the opercle and cheeks sport golden patches, and the snout is scaled only to the rear nostrils. The pectoral fin is also longer, and is almost able to reach to below the beginning of the first dorsal fin


Spawning occurs from July to November (Mediteranian). Growth is slow, and estimated as being 11cm = 2yrs, whilst an individual of 30 to 34cm could be 6yrs of age.


Found in shallow waters, lagoons, and estuaries, but is rarely if ever encountered in freshwater, unlike the other two species of Mullet found in UK waters.
Golden - parallel throat slit

Underchin of golden grey mullet


Feeds on algae, small invertebrates, and detritus.


Found all around UK and Irish waters, but more common in the south and west.


The Aquarium Project

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