Grey Heron -

The Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) is perhaps Britains most easily distinguished birds, a frequent visitor to both urban and suburban canals, rivers and lakes alike, this large bird stands out amongst the other wetland Birds.

General. Edit

Herons are large birds, standing tall and having large wingspans they stand out quite a lot.  Feeding on Fish and Amphibians these apex predators are normally found near water.

Appearance. Edit

Long legs & a long neck are distinguishing features of a Heron.  A yellow bill, bright yellow eyes with large, round, black pupils and large, black 'eyebrows' are both distinguishing features.  Overall colouration is grey but underbelly and neck may appear white.  Wings are large, with dark grey/black secondary flight feathers & a white bar which can be seen in flight.

Breeding Edit

Herons breed in spring, nesting in trees in 'Rookeries' (also referred to as 'Heronries').  They lay 2-3 eggs.



Grey Heron02:36

Grey Heron

Grey Heron - Erik Paterson

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