Sphyrna zygaena noaa

Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Hammerhead Shark (Sphyrna zygaena) can grow to 400cm.


A distinctive shark in the fact that the head has two lateral lobes which give it the distinct hammer shape and hence the name Hammerhead. Colour: upper side of the body brown to grey and the underside paler in colour.


Placentally viviparous - with litter sizes from 30/37 pups. Size at birth 50/60cm Females mature at 304cm and Males mature at 256cm.


Coastal and offshore species, found from the surface down to depths of 400m. This species of Hammerhead is the most temperate sea temperature tolerant.


Boney fishes, other sharks, squids and octopus plus crustaceans.


For UK waters from the western coast of Ireland and Southern British waters down to the Canary Islands


The Aquarium Project

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