Heart & Dart -


Alot of Heart & Darts ~ Also a Willow Beauty and a Couple of Vine's Rustics. -

Heart & Darts (Agrotis exclamatonis) is a very common species of moth found throughout Britain. In the family Noctuidae, and the subfamily Noctuinae, this moth is often caught in light traps in Britain.


This species is one has brown forewings, with distinct dark-brown/black markings. The kidney mark, dagger and oval marks are very distinct, giving the species it's name, Heart and Dart, inplying the kidney mark for the 'heart', and the dagger mark for the 'dart'. Some variations do occur, with the markings merging as one, but the black head-band is always present and should be used if unsure. Very dark or very light specimens do occur, but are unlikely.

This species flies from mid-May to late-August, but in South, it sometimes flies into October as well.

Range & HabitatEdit

This moth is extremely widespread and common, and is found in a wide range of habitats, including gardens.


The larvae feed on a range of plants, including Ribwort Plantain, and can be seen from June till the following Spring.


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