The Latin name of this butterfly is called the Argynnis adippe the family this butterfly belongs to is Nymphalidae.

About The Butterfly

The High Brown is a beautiful chequered butterfly with golden orange upper wings and rows of black dots. The wingspan is around 60/67mm. the underside of the butterfly is orange with rows of silver spots a characteristic row of red ringed spots towards the outer margin.

How else might I recognise this butterfly? this large butterfly can be seen from late June to mid August, flying swiftly over the tops of bracken or low vegetation in woodland clearings. It frequently visits flowers such as thistles and brambles where it will sit with its wings open feeding on the nectar

The High Brown Fritillary (Fabriciana adippe) is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family, native from Europe across mainland Asia to Japan. The adults fly in July/August and lay eggs near to the larval food plants which are species of violets, (similar to the Pearl bordered fritillary). The eggs are often laid in places where there are dead bracken on the ground or in areas where the underlying rock is limestone the eggs may be laid in moss overlying rocks. The mosaics are typically one-third grass and two-thirds bracken. It likes drier conditions (but not as dry as the Queen of Spain Fritillary) than its more common relative Argynnis aglaja, preferring sandy or rocky hills and banks with patches of the food plant for the larvae. It is among the first butterfly species to disappear when the vegetation becomes too lush.

What Does This Butterfly Eat?Edit

This butterfly feeds off the caterpillar’s food plant which is usually the most common dogs violet, but the butterfly will look for the nectar on thistles and brambles.

Where Does This Butterfly Live? Edit

The two types of habitat that are used by the high brown fritillary are bracken- dominated areas or grass/ bracken mixed areas. Formerly the butterfly occurred in woodland clearings probably where bracken was also present.

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