The Irish Annulet (Odontognophos dumetata hibernica) is a species of moth in the Geometridae family.


This medium sized moth is grey in colour, with several black crosslines, though these may be disjoined or absent. The outer edge of the wings are scalloped.
Odontognophos dumetata hibernica - Irish Annulet

Irish Annulet -

Range & HabitatEdit

The subspecies O. d. hibernica is endemic to Ireland, and is knwon from very few sites there, the main one being the Burren, in Co. Clare, and is found in scrubs where Buckthorn is found, and there is limestone pavements, which the species rests on.


The larvea feed on Buckthorn, but, unlike most species which feed on Buckthorn, will not feed on Alder Buckthorn.


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