The Keeled Skimmer, (Orthetrum coerulescens), is a species of European dragonfly.
Keeled Skimmer

Keeled Skimmer - C.N.Images

This species resembles the Black-Tailed Skimmer but is slimmer and the male has no black tip. Females and immature males lack the black abdominal pattern. The pterostigma is orange and the thorax usually bears pale stripes. It breeds mainly in peat bogs and flies (in the UK) from June to September including places like Chudleigh Knighton Heath.


This dragonfly is quite rare, but locally common. Its typical habitat is acidic heath land, where it is often seen alongside the Golden-Ringed Dragonfly. Its flight is quite skittish, with frequent hovering, and it lands often. It can fly quite a distance from water, despite its seemingly weak flight. When it perches, the wings are held forward.
Keeled Skimmer TL

When the Keeled Skimmer is active

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