Kukufeldia is a genus of iguanodont which existed in what is now England during the Early Cretaceous period. Identified from a nearly complete right dentary (NHMUK 28660) found near Cuckfield and originally described in 1848 by Gideon Mantell, it was named by Andrew T. McDonald, Paul M. Barrett, and Sandra D. Chapman in 2010, and the type species is Kukufeldia tilgatensis. It was originally identified as Iguanodon anglicus, but the authors consider this a nomen dubium of which the type specimen BMNH 2392, some teeth found at the same location, is undiagnostic. The generic name refers to Kukufeld ("Cuckoo's Field"), the name of Cuckfield in the eleventh century, and the specific name refers to Tilgate. Kukufeldia is within Iguanodontia a member of the Styracosterna.

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