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Lesser Spotted Dogfish (Solent)

The Lesser Spotted Dogfish (Scyliorhinus canicula) aka Robin Huss, Lesser Spotted Catshark and Rough Hound, grows to 80cm in UK waters.


Upper side of the body usually light brown covered with darker spots, although some sharks will be darker and occasionally shown quite defined saddle markings. May occasionally have a smattering of white spots.


Oviparous. (egg laying) Eggs laid 2 at a time and the female may lay as many as 5/7 eggs per week during the breeding season (November to July) - hatching size 9 to 10cm. Females mature at 44cm


Bottom dwelling shark, with a liking for sandy, coral type structures, mud, gravel and algal areas. Found in very shallow waters to 110m


Mainly crustaceans (crabs and shrimps) and molluscs (especially whelks) occasionally small fish and squid.


North Eastern Atlantic to Senegal



British Wildlife Clips - Lesser Spotted Dogfish01:22

British Wildlife Clips - Lesser Spotted Dogfish

British Wildlife Clips - Lesser Spotted Dogfish


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