The Lesser Weever (Echiichthys vipera) grows to 14cm
Lesser Weaver

Juvenile Lesser Weaver


Elongated, tapered body, that is laterally compressed, with a largeish head. The mouth is large and obliquely set. The eyes are positioned towards the top of the head. No spines associated with the rim of the eye socket. The top of the head is about flush with that of the body. Gill cover sports a conspicuous spine.
Two dorsal fins are present. The first dorsal fin, is composed of 5 to 6 membrane bound spines, and is a dark grey to black in colour.This is separate from the second dorsal fin, that is long based and is composed of some 21 to 24 branched rays. The longer anal fin, starts from under the first dorsal fin, and is formed from 24 to 26 branched rays. The tail fin is straight edged. The sides under the lateral line, exhibit a degree of herring bone patterning of the scales, particularly towards the tail.

Colouration ranges from a yellow to light brown on the back, with a degree of darker spotting and mottling, and paling towards the sides and belly. Note that the juvenile has very little colouration, being almost silvery with little mottling. The juvenile is the likeliest fish that shrimpers are likely to encounter when wading shallow sandy beaches - the sting might not be as potent as that from an adult weever, but it is certainly bad enough.


Breeds during June though to August.


Associated with shallow sandy bottomed waters, to depths of 50m or more. Known to move in and out with the tide, and burrows into the sand with just it's eyes and spines showing.


Feeds mainly on small crustaceans, such as amphipods, shrimps, along with small fish.


Found in all UK waters, although more common towards the south.


The Aquarium Project

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