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The Lumpsucker which is also known as the Sea Hen (Cyclopterus lumpus) can grow to 60cm.


Eggs are laid in clumps in inshore waters during spring; the males guard and aerate these until they hatch.


A bottom living fish found at all depths, depending on season.


All types of food taken


Common throughout its range from Norway to Portugal and including the British Isles.

Additional NotesEdit

The eggs of this fish are sold as false caviar Body is deep and rounded, similar in shape to a rugby ball. There is a high bony ridge running from behind the head to half way along the body, and rows of bony scutes running along both sides. Dorsal anal and fins are small, squared and set well back towards the caudal fin. Pectoral fins are large and fan-like. The ventral fins are fused into a large sucker disc, which the fish uses to stick to rocks, hence its name. The body is a bluish grey at the back fading to white at the belly. Males have orange pectoral, anal, caudal fins and belly.


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