The Marsh Mallow Moth (Hydraecia osseola) is a species of moth in the Noctuidae family.


This moth is quite large, about an inch in length, and has a rather plain forewing. The forewing is cream in colour, with faint cross-lines, including one which is slightly more bold than the others. The oval and kidney marks are faint. The broad forewing is often hooked. This species flies from August till October.

Status & DistributionEdit

This species is classed as a Red Data Book species in Britain, restricted to areas with brackish water where the food-plant occurs. There are only two sites where this species is known to breed in Britain. The first is in Kent between Maidstone and Rochester, and the other is at the Rye area on the Kent and Suffolk border.


The larva feeds on Marsh-mallow, hence the name of the moth, and can be found from May till July.


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