The Mullein Wave (Scopula emutaria) is a species of moth in the Geometridae family.


This medium sized moth is rather similar to the Small Dusty Wave, but is considerably larger. This species is grey-white, with wavy crossbands, and is often freckled or spotted. Dark forms do occur too.

Scopula marginepunctata - Mullein Wave

Mullein Wave -

Habitat & RangeEdit

This species is local in Britain, inhabiting coasts in most of England, Wales and Ireland, and is rare in Scotland.


The larvae feed on a range of plants, including stonecrops and yarrow.


Form mundataEdit

There is a form of the moth which is found occasionally in Sussex, Dorset and the Isle of Wight, this form is called mundata, and is different from the main form in being completely undusted.

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