Oak Bush-Cricket

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Meconema thalassinum is an insect known in Europe as the oak bush-cricket. It is native to Europe, but was introduced to the United States.

M. thalassinum is a small bush cricket, reaching only 20 mm long, including the female's long ovipositor, although the antennae may reach a further 40 mm forwards . It lives in the foliage of trees, including oaks, where females lay eggs singly under the bark, and where males make an almost inaudible noise by drumming on leaves .

M. thalassinum is a host for the parasitic worm Spinochordodes tellinii. The parasite is able to change the behaviour of the insect making it more attracted to water when it is close to water. This is necessary because the parasite requires open water to complete its life cycle.
Oak Bush-cricket TL

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