Oleander Hawk

Oleander Hawkmoth ~

he Oleander Hawkmoth (Daphnis nerii) is a species of moth in the Shingidae family.


This large moth is among the largest of British moths, and is easy to identify. The majority of the moth is green, but there are patches of purple and cream. There are two "eyes" near the thorax. This species can be found from August till October, but is usually found in the Autumn, brought over by southerly winds. The only species which it is likely to be mistaken for is the Lime Hawk-moth, which flies earlier and is smaller.

Status & RangeEdit

This species is a rare immigrant to Britain, with about one record in most years, sometimes none. When it does occur, it's usually in the south and coastal, but can occur inland. This species is found in Southern Europe and Africa.


The larva feeds on Oleander and Lesser Periwinkle. The large caterpillars are yellow, with blue markings, and a small "hook" at the back end.


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