The Oriental Cuckoo (Cuculus saturatus) is a species of Cuckoo.


Similar to the Common Cuckoo, this species is slightly larger, but can be seperated from the Common Cuckoo by the much sparser and broader bars on the underparts as well as a paler underwing. The juveniles are very similar to females in brown phase, but can b e seperated from Common Cuckoos by a darker upper parts.

Similar speciesEdit

Common Cuckoo


This species is a shy species, often skulking, and is more skulking during the breeding season.


Insects and larvea


'du-du-du-du' repeated six or eight times.


Between May and July this species lays it's eggs in other birds nests, mostly those of ground-nesting birds.


Found in Northern Europe, to Siberia, Himalayas, China, Taiwan and Japan. Winters in Australasia.

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