Pale tussock - photo K.Noble

Pale tussock - K.Noble

The Pale Tussock (Calliteara pudibunda) is a moth of the Lymantriidae family.


A fairly large moth, with a wingspan of 40-60mm. The moth is a light grey colour, with darker markings on the wings. The males are shorter than the females, and often with darker markings. The front legs are very furry, and mean that the moth is fairly similar to the Puss Moth. The Dark Tussock is similar, but generally broader and darker. There is a pplain grey form called concolor, and that is fairly regular.

Habitat & RangeEdit

This species is found in most of Europe, and is widespread in southern and central Britain. This species flies in late spring to early summer, and inhabits woodlands, grasslands, and gardens.


The larvae are distinctive, being bright yellow in colour (going lime-green before pupation), and is covered in yellow hairs. There are four thick patches of these hairs, near the head end, and there are black patches between each body segment, which are most distinct when the larvae curls up in defence. The larvae feed on a range of plants, including Oak, Willow, Birch, Prunus and Crataegus species.


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