The Pied Wagtail (Moctacilla alba yarrellii) spends most of it's time near any source of water. It is equally
Pied Wagtail gord

Pied Wagtail -

happy anywhere with a good food supply where it can eat flies and other insects. during the courtship period more than one male is likely to pursue a female and they each perform an undaluting  display fight. The female builds a nest in a crevice  or a hole in a building, tree, cliff or bank. The Nest is made from twigs grass and dead leaves, and is lined with feathers and wool. A cluth contains on average 5 or 6 eggs and after two weeks of incubation both parents feed the chicks.

Distribution Edit

Great Britain and Ireland, birds in the northern part of the range winter in Spain and North Africa, those further south are resident.

Profile Edit

Size: 18 cm

Description: white under parts and eye patches. Cap, back and breast are black. long black tail.

Habitat: Urban areas, open land, often near water

Voice': ''chis-ick'

Flight: Deeply undulating.

Similar Species: Grey Wagtail


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