The Pine-tree Lappet (Dendrolimus pini) is a species of moth in the Lasiocampidae family.


A large moth, the Pine-tree Lappet is usually brown, but grey specimens are frequent. Up to 4cm in length, the females of this species are generally larger and broader. There is a dark, straight crossline halfway across the forewing, followed by another wavy crossline. The area between these two crosslines are usually lighter. There is a small white dot nearer the thorax on the forewing. This species will come to light and pheromones.

Life CycleEdit

This species flies during June till September in mainland Europe, though in southern Europe it has a longer generation. More likely to be encountered from June till September in Britain. The larva occur in September, and then hibernate, before emerging till June when they pupate. They pupate in a crevice in the bark, or among pine needles. As it's name suggests, the larva of this species feed on pine trees, including the Scots Pine. The hairy larva are reddish or green-yellow, depending on which instar they are, but will have white patches and darker patches.


First trapped recently in mainland Britain as an immigrant in August 1996, on the Isle of Wight, this species is a vagrant to Britain, with individuals occuring in years of high immigration. In some years, more than one are caught, such as in 2004, but these are rare. An old record from 1809 from Norwich.

Breeding in BritainEdit

It is possible that the Pine-tree Lappet is breeding in Britain, as one was caught near Iverness in Scotland in 2004. Since then, 2 were caught in 2007 nearby, and at that same site, 10 were caught in 2008, so it is likely that they are breeding there. Wether this is due to a specimen being imported, or that there has always been a population here is unknown.

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