Man 009

Red Band Fish, Isle of Man

The Red Band Fish (Cepola rubescens) is a member of the Cepolidae - large ribbon-like fishes of the continental shelf. They are benthic fishes, preferring a muddy bottom, sometimes making (and lurking in) burrows
Man 006

Head of Red Band Fish

The Red Band Fish ranges from the western British Isles, souhwards to Senegal. It is also widespread in the Mediterranean.

Can grow to 70 cm, but is usually 20 to 30 cm. The fish is red above, orange or yellow below, very slender, with minute cycloid scales. The dorsal and anal fins are long, the pectoral and pelvic fins short, with the pelvics inserted in front of the pectorals.

The tail has extended rays. Head rounded, with large eyes, and a large mouth equipped with slender and sharp teeth. Feeds on small crustaceans. Lurks in vertical burrows much of the time, but makes excursions up to midwater in search of food.

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