The Reticulated Dragonet (Callionymus reticulatus) can grow to 11cm.


Very similar to C.lyra Only three well developed points on the cheek spine, with none forward pointing. The first dorsal fin has four membrane bound spines, with the second dorsal fin having ten rays. In males the dorsal fins have dark bluish edged spots running in oblique rows, along with pale blue spots and lines. All the fins are large and extended.

The overall colouration is a dark brown on the back, with bluish spots, whilst the sides and cheeks are a yellowish brown. In addition the cheeks and gill covers have black edged, blue lines running across them. There are also four yellow/orange saddle marks running from the back.


Spawning occurs from April through until September.


Associated with shallow waters and soft ground.


Feeds on small crustaceans and worms.


Found mainly on western shores, although recorded as far north as Scotland, and into the southern North Sea.


The Aquarium Project

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