Crithmum maritimum

Samphire - D.Skingsley

Samphire or Rock Samphire, (Crithmum maritimum) is an edible wild plant found in coastal regions of mainland Great Britain.

History, trade and cultivationEdit

In England, rock samphire was cultivated in gardens,[1]where it grows readily in a light, rich soil. Obtaining seed commercially is now difficult, and in the United Kingdom the removal of wild plants is illegal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

The reclaimed piece of land adjoining Dover, called Samphire Hoe, is named after rock samphire. The land was created from spoil from the Channel Tunnel, and rock samphire used to be harvested from the neighbouring cliffs.

Culinary useEdit

Rock samphire has fleshy, divided aromatic leaves that Culpeper described as having a "pleasant, hot and spicy taste".

The stems, leaves and seed pods may be pickled in hot weather then salted, spiced vinegar, or the leaves used fresh in salads.

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