Sallow kitten2

sallow kitten (K. Noble)

The Sallow Kitten (Furcula furcula) is a lepidoptera from the family Notodontidae.

The moth can be found in Europe and the North of Iran. The moth is attracted to light.

The Sallow Kitten is grey/white and has a wingspan of 27 to 35 mm. The first part of the wing has a large grey middle band.

The flight period ranges from April to the end of August. The moth has two generations per year.

The caterpillar can grow up to 35 mm and is bright green with a purple brown marking on the saddle. The caterpillar can be found from June up to September. The host plants are the willow, birch and poplar. The prolegs consist of long and thin extremities.
Sallow Kitten TL

When the Sallow Kitten is active


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