The Short Fin Mako Shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) can grow to lengths of 396cm.


Upper body surface cobalt blue with a white underside. Has a single longitudinal keel on the side of the tail root.


Ovoviviparous (live bearing) Litter size between 2 to 4 pups - 92cm at birth. It is believed female Mako Sharks are mature at a length of 240 to 280cm and males at 240cm


Seldom found in waters below 160C, usually at least 180C. Found from the upper layers down to a possible maximum depth of 150m, though oceanic in nature.


Primarily pelagic fish, Tunas, Mackerels and Squid.


Found in most tropical and temperate waters and when encountered off our coast (South West - Cornwall) it is believed to be following warm water currents.

Additional NotesEdit

Weight potential in excess of 1000lbs, thought to be capable of speeds of 50 knots.


The Aquarium Project

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