The Skipper (Scomberesox saurus) can grow to 50cm.


Very similar profile to the needle fishes, such as the garfish. It is however readily distinguished from them, by the presence of some 5 to 6 finlets running from the anal and dorsal fins, back towards the tail fin. The body also appears to be more flattened, with shorter jaws and finer teeth. Colouration of the back is that of an olive green to greenish blue, with a bright silver band just above the midline.The lower sides and belly are silver with golden hues.


Eggs laid in open water during the summer and into the autumn. Eggs similar to those of the garfish, with entangling filaments.


This is an oceanic shoaling fish associated with surface waters of around 20m or so, although it is to be found inshore during the summer and autumn.


Feeds upon small surface fish, such as sandeels and fry.


Mainly found in the Channel and western coasts, although does occur infrequently on eastern shores.

Additional NotesEdit

Name Skipper has arisen by the fishes habit of leaping out of the water and skipping or scuttering over the surface, perhaps to evade predators.


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