Small brindled beauty - photo K.Noble

Small Brindled Beauty - K.Noble

The Small Brindled Beauty (Lycia hirtaria) is a small Palearctic moth.


The Brindled Beauty is a furry moth, which has brown wings with a brindled brown and white pattern which provides near-perfect camouflage on tree trunks and also gives the moth its name. The females have a pale yellow suffusion on the wings and the front edges of their forewings are paler. The moth has a wingspan of 4–5 cm.


The Small Brindled Beauty is nocturna
Small Brindled Beauty TL

When the Small Brindled Beauty is active



Europe including Great Britain.

Life cycleEdit

The caterpillar of the Brindled Beauty ranges from greyish-green to brown in colour and has black and yellow spots.


The caterpillar feeds on broad-leaved trees.

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