The Small Dotted Footman (Pelosia muscerda) is a species of moth in the Arctiidae family.


This small macro moth may be overlooked as a micro, as it is similar to certain micro species, such as the Brown House-moth. A small buff-yellow moth, with a v-shape mark in the form of a series of dots, as well as two dots of the thorax. The most similar macro moth is the Dotted Footman, which is greyer, and more slender, holding the wings around the abdomen. This species flies in July.


A Red Data Book species, this moth is restricted to the Norfolk Broads, where it was discovered in the 1960's. It is also likely to be an immigrant at other localities in Southern England. This species is most easily recorded by running light traps within reedbeds.


It appears the larvae feed on algea on rotting wood, but this hasn't been confirmed.


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