The Spotted Dragonet (Callionymus maculatus) can grow to 16cm.


Very similar to C.lyra High first dorsal fin, especially in the male, formed from four membrane bound spines. The second dorsal fin is composed of nine to ten membrane bound rays, and is itself noticeably long, as are the remaining fins. The dorsal fins exhibit rows of horizontal spots, of a dark brown to blue colouration, with four rows in males, and two in females. The overall colouration is a brownish yellow on the back and sides, and white belly. Brown spots occur on the sides and tail fin, with a speckling of blue spots on the back, head and sides in males. Four brown saddle marks occur on the back.


Spawns April through to June, with elaborate courtship ritual.


Associated with sandy/muddy substrates of offshore banks at depths of 50 to 300m.


Feeds on a variety of bottom dwelling invertebrates.


Found all around the UK, especially on western coasts and Channel.


The Aquarium Project

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