The Spotted Wolf-Fish (Anarhichas minor) can grow to 200cm.

Other namesEdit

It is also called the Spotted Catfish and the Spotted Wolffish


Springtime, laying large clumps of eggs amongst stones and seaweed on sea floor.


Rocky bottoms to 300m


Mainly shellfish such as crabs, molluscs and echinoderms


A North Atlantic species found from Northern Scotland in the east to the coast of Maine in the west.

Additional NotesEdit

The head is large and square with a large toothsome mouth, and eyes that are set well forward. The body is laterally compressed and tapers to the small fan-like tail. The dorsal is long, stretching from the head to the caudal peduncle, and the anal fin stretches from the anus to the caudal peduncle. Pectoral fins are large and the pelvic fins are absent. Its back is a blue/grey colour with numerous large spots on the flanks and fins.

References Edit

The Aquarium Project

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