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Spur dog, Firth of Lorne

The Spurdog (Squalus acanthias) can grow to 130cm.


The upper body is dark grey or black and white spots are usually present. The under-side is white. There are spines in front of both dorsal fins.


Aplacentally viviparous (live bearing). Litter size between 1-20 pups which are 20-30cm at birth. Females mature at 70-100cm. Males mature at 55-60cm.


Found within the upper layers down to depths of 900m. Mostly a mid-water and bottom schooling shark.


Fish eater (Herring, Sprats, Pilchards, Garfish, Sand eels, Flatfish and Cod species) although known to take crustaceans and cephalopods (Squid).


Both and inshore and offshore species preferring a temperature range of between 7 to 150C.

Additional Notes: Known to live longer than 40 years.


The Aquarium Project

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