The British Wildife Wiki was set up by Steven Allain on the 17th November 2009. Steven, his brother Zac and their cousins Thomas and Jamie had been running a wildlife group for five and half years. It started out as The Wasted Wildlife Club as Steven and Zac were in a band called Wasted and started a wildlife group associated with the band. As the band fell to pieces the WWC grew in number and popularity. The videos made by The WWC from 2007-2010 can be found here [1]. They started out in 2005 to take photos and videos of Britains wildlife from the wide variety of habitats that surrounded them in South-east Essex. The WWC gradually grew with more and more members and volunteers.

On the 5th birthday of The WWC, the team built up by the two sets of brothers decided to make a British Wildlife Encyclopedia using photos and information they had gathered over the 5 years. Their friends on Youtube and the fellow members fof The WWC were told. Everyone was excited and glad to help out. 6 months later the boys started to prepare photos for the Encyclopedia and Steven started to search online for coders. He liked the way that Wikipedia formatted information and photos but wanted something to call his own. He came across a site called and The British Wildlife Wiki was born!

History of LogosEdit

Coming Soon!

More information is to follow!

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