The Transparent Burnet (Zygaena purpuralis) is a species of moth in the Zygaenidae family.


This species is similar to different to other British burnets in the fact in lacks any spots, and is green with a red bar covering a large percentage of the wing. There are some dark forms also found. This is a day-flying moth. Some forms have the red replaced with yellow or orange, but these are rare.

Status & DistrubutionEdit

There are three subspecies of this moth in Britain. Zygaena purpuralis segontii is classed as a Red Data Book species which is now thought to be extinct. This species was once found near Abersoch in Caernarvonshire, but has not been seen since 1962. Z. p. caledonensis is classed as Nationally Scarce A in Britain, and is found in several Scottish Islands, and a few locations on mainland Scotland. The third subspecies, Z. p. sabulosa is found in western Ireland.


The larva feed on Wild Thyme, and can be seen from July till May.


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