The Two-spotted Clingfish (Diplecoegaster bimaculata) can grow to 4cm.


A very small flattened fish with a tapered head. A single dorsal fin at the rear of the body opposite the anal fin. Pelvic fins fused into a suction cup. Variable bright colours, notable a bright red, usually but often with two ocellated spots which may be hidden by the pectoral fins. It has a broader head than the similar fish with a duck-billed ridge on the top of the head and without the broad stripe across the head.




In shallow water, but rarely intertidal, and less likely to be found in kelp holdfasts than the similar species.


Small crustaceans


British coasts, mostly in south and west with the only BMLSS records from the south Cornish coast. Records from the Cullercoats area, Newcastle, and from the coast of Norway.


The Aquarium Project

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