The Undulate Ray (Raja undulata) can grow up to around 10 lb.

Undulate Ray

Undulate Ray - WWC Archives


he leading edge of the body disk is undulating in shape. The back, except for the rear quarters iscovered with small prickles with a dense patch on the snout region. The dorsal fins are quite far apart, normally with two dorsal spines between them. Median spines are scattered in adults, regular on young. The males have one lateral row each side, where as the females have two. Colour: back, yellowish brown with whitish spots and long wavy dark brown bands edged with light spots. Underside: white except for greyish area near the tip of the tail. Breeding: Egg capsules laid in late summer.


Mainly sandy bottoms in the 10m to 30m range but occasionally down to as much as 200m.


Fish eater, especially flatfish, gobbies and the like, along with various crustaceans, and squid.


Normal range is off the south coast of England and Ireland but it is an uncommon vagrant else where round the UK.


References Edit

The Aquarium Project

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