A female woodlouse spider found under a brick.

The Woodlouse Spider (Dysdera crocata), is a species of spider that is known to prey only on woodlouse, as their name suggest.

Unlike most spiders found in the garden, this spider is nocturnal. Only seeking out food during the night, hunting woodlouse without the use of a web. Though during the day they can be found underneath logs and rocks as they are warm and damp. Perfect conditions for woodlouse.

They have and orangey-brown cephalothorax and legs, and a shiny abdomen that can range from darkish yellow-brown to an almost creamy-brown. (as seen in picture, right.) Sizes can range from the larger female, being 10-15mm long, and the smaller male, 8-10mm in length.

As far as courtship goes, typically it is a rather aggresive feat, wit
Woodlouse Spider TL

When the Woodlouse Spider is active

h the male risking injury from the larger partner. The female then lays her eggs in a silk pocket and is believed to look after her hatchlings. (Though this is not confirmed)

Also these spiders have been known to bite humans. Though the venom is not strong enough to cause any serious medical problems, cases say that the bite is painful. Itchiness around the area of bite has been reported.

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